Today we are diving into the world of terpenes. What are they? what do they do? And how they can benefit you.

Terpenes are all around us.

The smells that hit you when you walk through an open field or a dense forest on a summers day are all affected by terpenes. Terpenes are an oil given off by certain plants and vegetation that we interpret as smells or flavours.
Fruits, plants and trees all produce terpenes, these can range from citrus flavours to earthy, peppery, woody and many more different aromas.
But what are they? Why are they so common and what can they be used for?

Uses For Terpenes

Most herbs and spices actually contain lots of varieties of terpenes and they have been proven to actively stimulate serotonin inhibitors in the brain and can enhance dopamine levels.
Most terpenes have also been found to have anti-inflammatory properties.
More research is needed for this to be the definite conclusion but early studies are indicating that this is the case.
For years people have been using aromatherapy techniques such as vaporising herbs and using muscle rubs containing plant terpenes to alleviate symptoms of various ailments.

Aromas and flavours

Each different terpene has a different aroma and flavour profile. For each terpene, there is also a different boiling point where the oil will release its full potential and flavour.
Some of the most common terpenes found in various CBD buds are listed below with their flavour profiles and boiling points.
Boiling points are used mainly in vaporising to change the flavour profile of the strain you are vaping.
This is most commonly achieved with a temperature controlled device such as a Crater 420.


Aromas and flavours: Sage, Floral
Present in: Lavender, Mint
Boiling point: 198°C


Aromas and flavours: Herbal, Earthy
Present in: Lemongrass, Thyme, Mango
Boiling point: 167°C


Aromas and flavours: Pine, Wood
Present in: Pine needles, Dill, Rosemary
Boiling point: 155°C


Aromas and flavours: Pine, Herbs, Flowers
Present in: Tea Tree, Apples, Lilacs
Boiling point: 186°C


Aromas and flavours: Spice, Pepper, Wood
Present in: Pepper, Cinnamon, Cloves
Boiling point: 130°C

Terpenes and different boiling points

As with all strains of flower, there are different terpenes found in different buds. Knowing this and knowing the properties of the terpenes found in each strain, you can tailor your flavour experience by using a vaporiser for different heat settings. Using different heat settings you can release certain flavours and not others.

For example: if I wanted a woody earthy flavour from my vape I would have to be using a strain that contained Pinene and I would have to have my vape set to a temperature of at least 155°C to boil those terpenes to release the flavour.

Terpenes are something that we don’t fully understand. More research is needed to prove whether or not they have any healing properties other than the anti-inflammatory nature that we already know some terpenes poses.