MK Ultra 20.5%


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MK Ultra Bud

The MK Ultra strain is a sweet, creamy Kush flavour with decent sized buds and deep green appearance.
Packing super-strength CBD content, MK Ultra boasts a full 200mg CBD per gram, one of the highest strengths we’ve carried!
Earthy tones stand out in this strain along with sweet notes changing the flavour ever so slightly.
An all-round top quality CBD bud for people who prefer higher CBD content and authentic cannabis flavour.

CBD Content

  • 20%

Flavour Notes

  • Sweet
  • Cream
  • Kush
  • Earth

This product contains less than 1mg of THC and will not get you high. 

Additional information

Weight2 g
Dimensions13.5 × 8 × 0.2 cm

1g, 4g, 10g, 28g


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