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Welcome to the MYOB UK blog. Here you’ll find a wealth of information about the UK CBD scene including the latest CBD news, the UK and EU legislation regarding CBD use, product information and guides. We update regulary so please feel free to come back often and give us your thoughts and feeback. We love hearing from our readers. 

CBD Administration and Absorption

When it comes to taking CBD there are hundreds of options available in the UK, all promoting themselves as being the best for your money. Products typically range across oils, E-liquids, capsules, and pastes, but recently we've seen some new additions such as creams...

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CBD Myths Busted

There have been many myths around CBD products floating around on the internet and by word of mouth. Ranging from " CBD is just another drug" to other myths such as "CBD is a gateway to harder drugs" In this blog, we aim to bust a few of these myths and dig for the...

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CBD laws in the UK – 2019

The Laws in the UK focussing on CBD products are always changing and that makes the waters murkier than ever. Today we will take a look into the current legalities surrounding CBD products in 2019, what is and what isn't legal. What are CBD products? CBD products...

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Terpenes & What They Mean To You

Today we are diving into the world of terpenes. What are they? what do they do? And how they can benefit you. Terpenes are all around us. The smells that hit you when you walk through an open field or a dense forest on a summers day are all affected by terpenes....

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